Thursday, May 1, 2014


May 1: it's a holiday in most of the world but I have spent the day in my studio, putting the finishing touches on my eight pieces for Eight Dimensions, the inaugural show of the Octarine Women Artists' Collective. It's going to be a wonderful show, at Studio 404, 404 York Road in Guelph, from May 2 - 4. Only a weekend, but that's okay, because lots of people will be there, and I know the work of the other artists will be excellent and I am looking forward to seeing theirs as well as showing off mine.

Well, I told you way back about my safari, the camping experience in the Serengeti. How to share my experience of meeting wild animals and having them stare back at me while I am studying them, has been incubating for a long time. However, I have figured out how to do it. I am not sure if they are painted quilts, or quilted paintings, but I have begun what I hope will be a long series of pieces all based on my photographs in the Serengeti. Just in case there are those among you who aren't as nuts as I am about the animals of Africa, I also did a coyote and a mare and foal for the show!

Here they are, animals camouflaged in their habitat:

I hope you can make it to the show! But whether you can or not, watch this space for more!
All the best,


Carol Wiebe said...

The pieces look fabulous. I am going to try to get to the show this weekend to bask in their actual presence.


bethanygarner said...

Dearest Susan... How breathtakingly beautiful these eight art works! So many congratulations and I do hope you will have the turnout you are expecting. I would love to be there to see the work in person... will it go now to World of Threads???