Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Last Exercise Completed for my Diploma

This exercise was particularly fun because it was also a commission! So I didn't have to find a place to put my final "large scale assessment piece", and I was also paid to make it. It became the first of a series of six altar frontals for the school, four of which have now been completed.

My design sheet, developed during Module 5, for an altar frontal in the chapel of Bethany School in Cincinnatti, Ohio.

The organzas - a gorgeously colourful collection of shiny translucent fabrics for "painting' the children's clothing and faces.

The figures were cut out using a woodburning tool and assembled before applique to the jacquard was begun.

Showing how faces and hands were tinted using multiple layers of organza and a final coat of black tulle.

Since the organza edges had all been cut using a woodburning tool, this also bonded the edges together, and they were then easy to hand stitch to the backing without being concerned about fraying.

The completed frontal for Ordinary Time. The tree represented the tree of life, and it is also a symbol for the school, as suggested in the motto that has been lettered across the top. The children from many races are "praise dancing", shown in layers of organza against an ancient tree that sprouts 80-odd leaves each bearing a child's name.

Installed! It is a bit crooked, but subsequent discussions have fixed the construction problem.

Christian and Matthew have found leaves with their names embroidered on them.

And Emma has found her leaf, too!