Sunday, April 8, 2012

New Show Booked!

Dear Reader,
I am feeling much better, and have booked a new show, to run from the first week of January to about the middle of February, 2013. It will be called Affairs of the Heart, and will be at Greenwood Gallery in Guelph. Precise details later.

The journey of healing my heart has been a fascinating one, and the show will focus on what an amazing thing a heart is, the things and the people I love, and some of the questions I still have. I hope you will drop in!

Today is Easter Day, and it has been a beautiful day. Here is a photograph of an altar frontal I completed a couple of weeks ago, for the chapel of Bethany School in Cincinnati. Making this was a lot of fun!

I am about to leave for Azerbaijan - an exotic country on the Caspian Sea. More when I return !