Monday, July 29, 2013

Painting Animals Again!

Hello, Gentle Reader,
It's been a while since I indulged in the fun of copying animals in paint. Here are a few of my recent ones - - - 

                               Cape Mountain Zebra in Evening Light, oils

                               Plains Zebra in long Grass, oils

                                Pride of Lions Resting, oils

                                Lions resting in a tree, oils

                                Leopard moving away, oils

Bluebells in Wakerley Great Wood, with 11 animals and birds. Commission, acrylics

Going Swimming, watercolour, commission for Sunrise Equestrian Centre

I think this one is my favourite. I was lucky enough to be given a colt when I was a young girl (he was a red bay, although I always secretly wanted a dapple grey like this one). We did swim together, although I was never allowed to get off him in the water, and he always had to have a bridle on. If I'd had a bucket of oats, he would have followed me into the water like this!

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See you!